Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a standard video cost?
Every project is different, and there are many factors that go into providing a quote for a memorial video. Prices start at $349, so call us right now at 714-922-0366 or send us an inquiry to get a better idea of cost.

What are the advantages to using this service?
We've been making memorial videos for over 5 years and our editors have decades of experience and artistic talent that can take your project that extra mile. But if you want to really boil it down - we're fast and professional, and your satisfaction is guarenteed. It's hard to really show everything that goes into a project. From the initial consultation, to making sure the video gets played correctly at the memorial service - we hope you'll give us the opportunity to show you how useful and unique our service is. The following is a just a few of the technical services
that you won't get if you don't hire a professional:
Song Editing

When songs run too long or too short for a section of photos, we don't just fade them out - we use professional audio engineering to cut out or loop verses and choruses to create a version of the song that fits perfectly. We add sound effects to photos (like waves when your loved is at the beach or background noise at a busy resteraunt) to create powerful moments that pull you into the tribute.

Video and Photo Restoration and Digitization

From delicate film substrates, to 8mm and over-compressed facebook videos. We can digitize and restore just about anything. When photos are torn or mishapen, we use our years of photo retouching experience to make them shine. If the only source of a video you have is a compressed version online, we can use AI to sharpen the resolution. We can colorize old photos as well. And at the end of the project, you'll have a pristine collection of all your files to do with as you please.

Special Effects

We love using ones hobbies and interests to custom tailor transitions and graphic elements. From beaches to pets, your religion, favorite football team or job/profession. Our creatives use these visual cues to tie the project together. Then we add special filters and effects like light rays, lens flares, and motion blurs to give the project a feel that matches the music and personality.

High-Resolution Collages

Many times, we will have you bring physical keepsakes and momentos from your loved one. We create a mixed-media collage on our 15' x 5' conference table, then take up to 30 high resolution photographs at precise angles. We then use AI software to stitch the photos together to create an ulra-high resolution collage that is perfect for use throughout a memorial video.

Animated Photos

Sometimes a lot of video isn't available for a loved one. But by using advanced 3d Photo animation software we can bring life to photos like you never thought possible. Breathe life into old black and white photos and watch as your loved one moves around the screen!

Print Materials and DVD/Bluray Packacking

We create handouts, flyers, invitations, DVD/Bluray packaging, poster boards and more.

How long does it take?
The average time it takes to produce a memorial tribute video after we receive the Getting Started Package is about 3 days. Rush projects are available. Many services require additional time and processing so please talk to your editor about your needs.

How does this service work?
After a free consultation and selecting on a package, we will conduct an initial online meeting where we will discuss the details of your project and provide you with our Getting Started Checklist. This step typically involves a 30 minute conversation about the project, followed by a period of time where we help you select and consolidate photos, videos and audio of your loved one. Once we recieve all the required materials, we start working on a first draft and provide updates as we work on your project to ensure it is being completed to exceed your expectations. This typically takes a day or two. Once we are all confident with the direction of the project, we will work to provide the final deliverable which typically takes another 24-48 hours. As we know this is a difficult time, we pride ourselves on being flexible and going above and beyond the roles of a typical video editor.

Do you have any DIY resources?
In the near future, we do have plans to release detailed instructions, templates, and graphics for people who want to replicate our emotionally powerful production techniques. It is our vision to bring more beautiful memorial videos to the world so that family doesn’t have to go it alone with iMovie or use cookie-cutter templates. That said, our prices are very affordable. We believe the memorial video is the one expense of a funeral that is often overlooked but in many ways the most important. After the funeral services are over, it's the memorial video that will be there for you and future generations.

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